Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Low Carb Cookie Monster Ice Cream

This is another low carb conversion of a recipe I found in the book “Scoop Adventures” by Lindsay Clendaniel. She was inspired to make a homemade version of this flavor from Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream in St. Louis, Missouri.
Walk into any ice cream shop with children and they are often drawn to the most colorful flavors, with blue flavors at the top of the list. When owner Beckie Jacobs decided to make a blue flavor, she started with a cotton candy ice cream. One day she decided to mix in cookies so the flavor was reminiscent of the favorite Sesame Street character Cookie Monster, and now it is her most popular flavor. Bright blue and full of flavor, this ice cream is sure to please any color-loving child (or adult).
Ice cream makers can get their hands on blue cotton candy ice cream flavoring, but it’s not as easy for the home chef. Lindsay uses Duncan Hines Cotton Candy Frosting Creations Flavor Mix packets, but I prefer to use LorAnn Oils candy flavoring and blue food coloring. I’ve made low carb versions of Oreos in the past and used them in my own Low Carb Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. I could also use the dough from my Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, but there’s an easier low carb option. I discovered WiO Chocolate Chip SmartCookies that are incredibly good. I’m lucky enough to have found a local distributor for these, but they can be purchased directly from the company, too.

The cotton candy flavoring is “super strength,” so it’s approximately 2-4 times stronger than a normal extract. A dram is equal to ¼ tablespoon, so only 1-2 drams should be necessary for a quart of ice cream.


Low Carb Sweet Cream Base
1-2 drams or 1 teaspoon LorAnn Oils Cotton Candy Flavoring
Blue food coloring
4 Low Carb Gluten Free Oreo Cookies with extra filling, cut into pieces
2 WiO Chocolate Chip SmartCookies, cut into pieces


  1. Make a batch of the Low Carb Gluten Free Oreo Cookies and freeze four of them. Chop them into quarters/fifths while frozen. Chop up the chocolate chip cookies and place both into an empty ice cream container.

    Chopped up cookies.

    Put the container upright in the freezer.
  2. Follow the instructions for the Low Carb Sweet Cream Base and mix in the cotton candy flavoring. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for a few hours, if necessary.
  3. Follow your ice cream maker’s directions for making ice cream. Remove from the ice cream using a silicone spatula and add some to the container. Add a layer of chopped cookies. Repeat until done. Freeze until solid.
Scoops of ice cream.

Scoops of ice cream.

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