Monday, December 15, 2014

Low Carb White Chocolate Bar

White chocolate is used as an add-in for many ice cream recipes. The problem with making a low carb version was the lack of a sugar-free milk powder substitute. The best alternative that I’ve found is LC Foods Milk Powder. It tastes a lot better than soy milk powder and is lower in carbohydrates, too. I was a little concerned that the inulin might cause stomach upset, but the quantity of milk powder is so small, there’s little chance that it could.

Pure cocoa butter does not melt as easily as other fats. It takes a lot of energy to get it to a liquid state. I use a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup and a microwave rather than a double boiler to melt it. I was surprised how hot the mixing cup got when microwaving the cocoa butter after a minute or two. I strongly suggest using an oven mitt or pot holder to handle the mixing cup after microwaving the cocoa butter! The white chocolate mixture also cools very slowly. In fact, it takes so long to cool, the other ingredients tend to separate before the mixture turns solid. The trick I learned is to wait until the mixture cools enough to become viscous. Mixing it at a high speed while it’s in this state right before pouring into the mold results in a homogenous and creamy white chocolate.

I’m using silicone chocolate bar molds to make the finished white chocolate bar. It yields perfect chocolate bars that can be cut into little squares. If you don’t have a silicone mold, try using a muffin pan to make white chocolate discs.

Be sure the cocoa butter you purchase can be used as a food ingredient. Most packages of cocoa butter for sale are intended for external use as a beauty (skin) product only. I’ve used KAKOSI Organic Cocoa Butter in the past and it tastes great.


2 ounces (56 g) cocoa butter
⅓ cup (33 g) powdered erythritol
7 drops EZ-Sweetz
½ teaspoon LC Foods Milk Powder or soy milk powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of salt


  1. Chop up the cocoa butter and put in a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup. Melt the cocoa butter in a microwave for 2 minutes. Don’t heat more than is necessary. If there are small pieces still unmelted, mix with a hand mixer on high to help dissolve them.

    Partially unmelted cocoa butter.

    Completely melted cocoa butter.

    If they still remain unmelted, return the cocoa butter to the microwave for another 30 seconds and try mixing again.
  2. Mix in the powdered erythritol until integrated, first at low speed then at high speed. This will take longer if the powdered erythritol wasn’t sifted.
  3. Mix in the milk powder, salt, vanilla extract, and EZ-Sweetz at high speed until integrated.

    Homogeneous white chocolate mixture.

    Let the mixture sit at room temperature to slowly cool. Check every 10 minutes and remix at high.
  4. When the mixture has thickened, mix on high one last time and then pour into the silicone mold. Put it in the refrigerator and allow time for the white chocolate to harden completely.
  5. Pop the white chocolate bar out of the mold and enjoy.
Finished White chocolate bar.

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