Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Low Carb Earl Grey Sriracha Ice Cream

Whenever an article on strange ice cream flavors is written, Earl Grey Sriracha is usually included. A recipe for this flavor was included in the book “Scoop Adventures” by Lindsay Clendaniel. Here’s what she wrote about this strange combination:
Earl Grey tea, with its citrus and floral notes, is a tea originating in Southeast Asia. There are many variations of the story behind the tea, but most stories acknowledge that the tea was made as a gift to the second Earl Grey from a Chinese mandarin. The owners of Little Baby’s Ice Cream describe the flavor of this scoop as the milk from Fruit Loops cereal with a garlicky spicy kick at the end. The initial citrus bite and subsequent sweet rush gently give way to the Sriracha’s subtle heat as the ice cream melts on your tongue. Serve as a spicy and surprising addition to any afternoon tea.

I don’t know if Lindsay’s recipe produces a close replica of the original, but I decided to use my existing Low Carb Black Currant Tea Ice Cream conversion as the starting point. She uses a lot less tea leaves than in David’s recipe, which I feel will result in a weak flavor. I purchased Earl Grey tea bags from Trader Joe’s, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The leaves inside the bags are chopped too small to be fully strained from the ice cream mix. I had to run it through my fine mesh strainer multiple times to try to extract the tiny particles. There were some left in the final product, but they surprisingly didn’t negatively affect the flavor. I also don’t think she uses enough Sriracha. I ended up using two tablespoons in my batch. It was difficult to tell how much was needed since I couldn’t resist licking some excess Sriracha off my fingers prior to adding it in the mix. My taste buds were dulled to the flavor of the Sriracha, so I wasn’t sure if I added too little or too much to the mix.

I’m not a big fan of Earl Grey tea, but I do like it as an ice cream flavoring more than Black Currant and the Sriracha does work better than you’d expect. This isn’t one of my favorite flavors, but it’s not without its charms.


Low Carb Black Currant Tea Ice Cream with Earl Grey instead of Black Currant
½ tablespoon Sriracha (more to taste)


  1. Follow the directions for Low Carb Black Currant Tea Ice Cream but use Earl Grey tea instead. Mix in Sriracha right before churning.

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