Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Low Carb Spice Cake Ice Cream with Cream Cheese Frosting Bombs

I’ve discovered that a mix of cinnamon, amaretto, and Irish cream miraculously result in a flavor that tastes just like spice cake. It worked so well that I just had to bring back my cream cheese frosting bombs as a mix-in.

Many alcohol-infused ice cream recipes are better served by using extracts rather than the real thing. It’s much easier to control the flavor and avoid the antifreeze effect of the booze. The amount of flavoring in the recipe depends on which low carb base is used. My Philadelphia base uses whey and casein protein which means more cinnamon and extracts are required.

Next time, I might add chopped walnuts in the frosting bombs. Be warned that the pictures below show a double batch of frosting.


Frosting Bombs

¼ stick (28 g) butter, softened
2 ounces (57 g) cream cheese, softened
½ cup (57 g) powdered erythritol
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
14 drops EZ-Sweetz

Ice Cream

Low Carb Sweet Cream Base
½ - 1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ - 1 teaspoon LorAnn Oils Amaretto flavoring
½ - 1 teaspoon LorAnn Oils Irish Cream flavoring


  1. Frosting Bombs: These need to be frozen solid, so don’t plan on making these the same time as the ice cream.
  2. Beat the softened butter and cream cheese together with a hand mixer in a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup until they’re completely creamed.

    Cream cheese and butter in measuring cup.

    Add the powdered erythritol and mix. Start slow and gradually build up speed to the max setting.

    Whipped frosting.

    Use a silicone spatula to scrape the sides of the mixing cup and mix by hand to get the unmixed butter and cream cheese to integrate. Add the vanilla and EZ-Sweetz and mix with the mixer at high. Finish scraping and mixing with the spatula.
  3. Push the frosting into the wells of a silicone peanut butter cup mold. Use a silicone spatula to scrape across the tops of the wells to remove the excess.

    Frosting in silicone mold.

  4. Put the molds in freezer until the frosting is frozen hard.
  5. Remove from the freezer, and pop out the frosting bombs onto a cutting sheet.

    Cream cheese frosting bombs.

    Cut them into quarters. They will most likely break apart a little, but don’t worry about it. Work fast before they thaw too much.

    Cream cheese frosting bombs chopped up.

    Dump everything into an empty ice cream container and return to the freezer immediately. If you made extra, store them in Ziploc freezer bags.
  6. Ice Cream: Follow the instructions for the Low Carb Sweet Cream Base and mix in the cinnamon early on. Add the amaretto and Irish cream flavoring after the mix has cooled, if applicable. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for a few hours.
  7. Follow your ice cream maker’s directions for making ice cream. Add quartered frosting bombs to the ice cream maker approximately ten minutes before it’s done. Remove from the ice cream maker using a silicone spatula into the container. Freeze until solid.
Scoops of ice cream.

Scoops of ice cream.

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